Completed Projects

Find out here our projects in Brussels

Chaussée de Ninove 38, 1080 Molenbeek

9 apartments from 1 to 3 rooms

The first inhabited CLTB project and therefore,  the first CLT in continental Europe !

Rue Verheyden 121, 1070 Anderlecht

  • 7 apartments with individual basements, 1 of which is accomodated for those with reduced mobilities
  • Common areas
  • A semi-public garden

Rue Vandenpeereboom 22 et Rue des Etangs Noirs 121-133

1080 Molenbeek St-Jean

  • 32 apartments from 1 to 4 rooms
  • A community space
  • A semi-public garden
  • Parking spots

Rue de l’Indépendance 15-17 et rue du Ransfort 95
1080 Molenbeek

  • 21 apartments distributed over 2 buildings
    (studios and apartments of 1, 2 and 3 rooms) 
  • Common areas
  • 21 parking spots (sold separatly) 
  • A commercial area downstairs

Rue du Delta, 1190 Forest

  • 34 housing units, including 8 acquisition units for the CLTB, 4 rental units and 2 transit units,
  • 10 units for Angela.D and 10 units for Pass-ages.
  • A semi-public garden for all the inhabitants and the nearby neighbourhood.
  • Collective spaces made available to the inhabitants and the close neighbourhood.
  • A birthing home and an end-of-life home.
  • 9 car parks (sold separately from the apartments).

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