What do we do?


Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB) offers low-income residents of Brussels the possibility of living in affordable, sustainable, and quality homes. 


The work of Community Land Trust Brussels is not just limited to the development of housing, but also extends to community work with residents, improvement of the surrounding neighbourhood in which the CLT is active, and strengthening community life.


Community Land Trust Brussels believes that stable, quality housing is essential to people’s well-being. We support the development of a city in which all low-income people have access to live in affordable housing.


Community Land Trust Brussels considers land as a common good so that housing can remain affordable from one generation to the next.

What do we do?

Create affordable housing

We build affordable housing for low-income residents of Brussels. Thanks to our innovative solution, our residents are able to buy a home without buying the land. The result? On average, our homes cost 40% less than those on the private market!


Resale is possible, but at a capped price so that housing remains affordable generation after generation.


We are also working with our partners to make mortgages available to those who want to buy a homes.

Community Work

Residents are involved in the design and management of our housing projects. We accompany them in this process so that they can then manage their households independently.


Furthermore, we work with local associations to ensure that our projects meet neighborhood needs, integrating community infrastructure into the projects.


Together with residents, we develop social projects such as after-school tutoring, bicycle training and job coaching.

Expansion of the CLT model

Together with our European partners, we have helped create several Community Land Trusts in Belgium and Europe. In order to do this, we provide our experts and documentation to support you in launching new Community Land Trusts.

If you are interested in creating a Community Land Trust in your town or region, please contact our team.

Don’t forget to read our lastest Annual report in our Press page (in French and Dutch)


These awards highlight our commitment to promote accessible housing in Belgium but our dedication to expanding the CLT model beyond Brussels. We would like to thank our partners, as well as our members who have been with us for many years and who contribute each day to the development of our projects.

Gold medal World Habitat Awards 2021
European Regio Stars Award for the SHICC projet , in the "Citizens Engagement for Cohesive European Cities" category
European Reves Exellence Award for social economie initiatives 2019
European Responsible Housing Awards 2019
Social economy Award 2017
Future generations award 2017

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