Our Governance

CLTB is comprised of a Non-profit Organisation and a Foundation of Public Utility.



CLTB is committed to ensuring that the interests of all stakeholders are represented on its Board of Directors. That’s why the Board of Directors is composed equally of residents, locals of the surrounding area and civil society, and public authority representatives.

Illustration : Monica Gallab

Non-profit Organisation

The Non-profit Organisation “Community Land Trust – Brussels” is in charge of the daily management of properties owned by the Foundation. It also hires staff responsible for the installation and follow-up of the housing projects, as well as supports household buyers and facilitates their transition.


The General Assembly elects the Non-profit Organisation directors. The third of “Residents” directors are elected by the occupants of residences or facilities of CLTB developments. This category has a seat dedicated to housing waitlist candidates, who appoint the director. The third of “Civil Society” directors are elected by active members who do not benefit from CLTB housing or premises. Lastly, the third of “Public Authorities” directors are designated by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Foundation of Public Utility

The Foundation of Public Utility “Community Land Trust – Brussels” (FUP CLTB) purchases the land on which housing projects are built. It maintains ownership of the land and delegates the management of the property to the Non-profit Organisation CLTB.



The cooptation of FUP CLTB Board of Directors members is carried out based on a list of candidates drawn up by CLTB’s General Assembly (with the exception of the regional public authority representatives, who are designated by the regional government).

Board of Directors of the NPO

Public Authorities – Brussels-Capital Region
  • Laurence Demeulemeester
  • Liesbet Temmerman
  • Jan Verheyen
  • Maxime Van Caillie
  • Thomas Otte
  • James Di Falco
  • Monique Rwambonera 
  • Massandje Bamba
  • Liliane Mwitende 
  • Pascale Athey
Civil society
  • Maria Elvira Ayalde
  • Silvia Rollo Collura
  • Loïc Geronnez
  • Pierre Denis
  • Sam Rozenzweig

Board of Directors of the FUP

Public Authorities – Brussels-Capital Region
  • Liesbet Temmerman
  • Laurent van der Elst
  • Maxime Van Caillie
  • Kerfalla Sanoh
  • Caroline Soulier
  • Driss Soussi
Civil society
  • Loïc Géronnez
  • Pierre Denis
  • Paula Caballero

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