How to register

Registration process

The registration process has 4 steps:

No information sessions are currently scheduled. We are making every effort to resume registration by the end of 2023.


Attend an informational meeting

Attending an informational meeting is mandatory in order for your registration to be considered.

At this meeting, we will explain how CLTB works, what differentiates us from the private market, the terms and commitments for buying with CLTB, the sale price, etc.

Sign up for an informational meeting!

No information sessions are currently scheduled. We are making every effort to resume registration by the end of 2023.


Verify that you are eligible according to the terms

Our houses are designated for people who do not surpass the income ceiling applicable to social housing.

You surpass the income ceiling but your situation could change? You can register: this condition will not be verified until you submit a purchase request.


Complete the registration form

After the informational meeting, you will be invited to fill out a registration form.

You will receive a number from our registration list and you will have access to the list of houses for sale. Your number will determine your priority for access to housing, with older numbers having priority.


Apply for the house that you are interested in

Our team will update you as soon as new houses are put up for sale.

The wait time for obtaining a house will be more or less long, depending on your placement determined by your number, your household situation, your income category, and the types of houses available. Find out more.

Practical information

Address: CLTB, 72 Avenue de la Toison d’Or, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Access: Louise station — Metro 2/6 — Tram 8, 92, 93, 97 — Bus 33 

– Meetings at our office will be limited to 20 participants and to 2 people per household. There is no organised day-care.

– Be on time. It is not possible to join a meetings once it has started.

– Bring your identification card and something to write with.

– It is mandatory to wear a mask.

If a meeting is cancelled due to sanitary measures, you will be notified by SMS. We will ask you to choose a new meeting date. The reference number for you registration will be the one from your first meeting registration.

– In order to attend a video conference, you will need internet connection, a computer with sound and a microphone, as well as an email address to receive the meeting link.


– The meeting link and the steps to join will be sent to you half and hour in advance. Also check the emails in your spam folder. The video conference system used (Zoom) does not require the installation of a program on your computer.


– Be on time (a reception will take place a quarter of an hour before the meeting in order to ensure that connection is working).

Useful documents

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