Our impact

The innovative Community Land Trust (CLT) model realises permanently affordable owner-occupied homes for people with a low income. We give our residents a central role in the development and management of these homes. We empower residents and work towards resilient and multicultural communities. As pioneers of the European CLT movement, we want to play an active role in spreading this model, in Brussels, Belgium and Europe, to build more equitable, inclusive and sustainable cities.

Quality and affordable homes

107 households live on Community Land Trust Brussels land
84 homes in the pipeline
4 community facilities integrated into housing projects


83% of homeowners find their neighborhoods pleasant

A strong, resilient and inclusive community

82% of residents questioned feel more fulfilled in their lives since moving into CLTB housing


1812 members 
Community Land Trust Brussels has 1812 members. Of these, 108 are owners, 4 are tenants, 1,393 are candidate-owners, 38 are selected for a project under construction and 269 are supporter members.


63% single-parent families


And in 77% of cases, these single-parent families are headed by a woman.
325 community activities organized by residents and volunteers


Disseminate the CLT model

World Habitat Award 2021: a prestigious prize


CLTB develops its activities through numerous partnerships. We would like to thank all our partner associations, whether they are involved in our day-to-day projects, have supported us since CLTB was founded, or have joined our movement more recently.
The press is talking about us!


Community Land Trust Brussels is featured in 40 press articles in 2021 and 2022


Others support and are inspired by CLTB
The management contract of Citydev, a development agency for the Brussels-Capital Region, calls for the CLT method to be used for at least 20% of the new homes it builds



“It is a pride to represent the seven households of le Nid
as well as the residents of the other CLTB projects at the Administration Council. I try to carry the voice of the residents, who are not always heard. But, during the meetings, each has the right to speak and to respect. I can freely say ‘Ah no, that does not work like that’ … I hope that the Community Land Trust model will expand, that can only be a good thing. I am conscient of the opportunity that I have had and I know underprivileged people who would like to have their own home. If I can give back, what more can I want?”


Tsevi, “Le Nid” project resident and member of the Administration Council

“I still remember very well the first meeting of the Arc-en-Ciel group… A feeling of joy and anxiety at the same time! I learned that there would be about thirty families. But I was also happy about the way it was presented, especially the fact that I could get to know the neighbours before living in the project, which reassured me. I introduced myself to the group, everyone welcomed me. There were no barriers. What excites me about the CLTB is the social aspect. And then, of course, the affordable housing. Today, it is impossible to buy a flat without savings or a substantial income.”


Massjandé, resident of the Arc-en-Ciel project.

Continuing the impact

Support our actions

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It is time to build a city in common. It is time to make affordable housing a reality for all. Support our actions.

Making a bequest or a real estate donation

Would you like to bequeath or donate a property or land to the CLTB? Please contact us.

Become a partner

Would your company or organisation like to set up an action for the benefit of Community Land Trust Brussels? Contact Geert de Pauw (coordinator).

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