We had the opportunity to meet many associations and institutions willing to promote the right to adequate housing. Together, we have built a real network of trust that allows us to support each other in helping disadvantaged people in Brussels. On this page, you will find the list of these entities which are essential to the good functioning of our organization.

Our supports

CLTB is supported by multiple public and institutional partners:

CLTB Partners

The projects of CLTB are being developed together with many partners. We would like to thank our partner associations, who commit themselves daily to the preparation and follow-up of our projects, who founded the CLTB, or who support our movement.

In every residential project of CLTB, the following partners are involved:

  1. Housing fund Brussels, which provides mortgages to the prospective buyers. For some projects, the Fund is also the principal responsible for the tenders.
  2. The member associations, which play an important role in the development of our organization and in the preparation of new projects. They give us the legitimacy to do what we do, and many of them help in the development of projects together with the future residents, as member of a working group, or in the general meeting.

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