Verheyden – Le Nid

Photo : Yannik Rihoux (CLTB)

The project “Le Nid” is located in Anderlecht near the West Station, in a residential area. It is the first pilot project of the CLTB and is now inhabited by 7 families.

Throughout the process, these families have played a central role in the development, especially in the organisational, legal and architectural aspects, having formed the civil society “Le Nid” with the CLTB. The inhabitants are also trained in the use of their building and the management of the co-ownership.

On the whole, the project consists of the transformation of a disused parish into a complex of 7 dwellings, a community space and a garden (both of which are open to the inhabitants of the neighbourhood). The management of these spaces is carried out in collaboration with the neighbours.

Rue Verheyden 121, 1070 Anderlecht

Building program:

  • 7 apartments with individual basements 1 of which is accomodated for those with reduced mobilities
  • Common areas
  • A semi-public garden

Client: Civil society entity « Le Nid » (7 buyer households + the FUP CLTB)
Architect: LOW-A
Contractor: Balcaen & Fils


Convivence asbl
Fonds du Logement 

The film Comme un escargot, made by Gsara, retraces the collective dynamics and trajectories of the inhabitants.

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