Vandenpeereboom – Arc-en-Ciel

Photo: Tim Van de Velde Photography

The Arc-en-Ciel project is located in Molenbeek, between Chaussée de Gand and Gare de l’Ouest, in a district that is undergoing a major transformation. It constitutes one of the two pilot projects of CLTB and was built with a passive architecture. The Arc-en-Ciel Group was formed in 2012, and after 5 years of preparation, the 32 families moved into their homes in February 2020 !

Throughout the process, the households have been intensively involved in the project, including the architectural design. They were at the heart of the planning and preparations (management of the co-ownership, reflections on energy consumption, drafting of a charter describing the values that the different households share, etc.), with the aim of ultimately managing the building themselves in the future.

Arc-en-Ciel families are actively involved in their neighbourhood!

Since 2018, the group have been organising a monthly flea market and are thus actively involved in the life of the neighbourhood.

In the philosophy of CLT , the notion of habitat is not limited to housing and is part of a wider living environment. The social link and the territorial anchoring of families were therefore important aspects of the project.

Rue Vandenpeereboom 22 et Rue des Etangs Noirs 121-133

1080 Molenbeek St-Jean

Building programme:

  • 32 apartments
  • Collective garden
  • Community space (neighbourhood facilities)
  • Multi-purpose space (with an association)

Client: Fonds du Logement
Architect: Asso. momentanée K&R (architectural office Stekke+fraas – Atelier 229)
Contractor: Thomas & Piron

A touching testimony from Driss Soussi, resident-owner of Arc-en-Ciel:

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