Jo and Cécile: donor testimony

Jo and Cécile decided to give to Community Land Trust Brussels a house at Asse, where they lived for 40  years, as well as land to build on in the neighbourhood.

“When we heard about Community Land Trust Brussels for the first time, we immediately understood that its principles corresponded with our values. We have always shared this house with refugees and other people facing difficulty. Autonomy and solidarity were always important to us. We lived a good life and we wish that our house and our land continue to have a social purpose after our departure. We were convinced that this will be the case in giving the house to Community Land Trust Brussels. And the CLT formula guarantees that the house will remain affordable forever.”

“Before buying our second piece of land here, it was a hops field. As it ended up in a housing estate, the land increased in value suddenly, without the owner having to do anything. There was something wrong. That is why we believe in the vision of CLTB, and that’s also one of the reasons why we are leaving our house to them.”

By making a donation to Community Land Trust Brussels, or by including CLTB in your will, you are contributing to the creation of a united society, where there is also a place for those who are fighting. A person without children can decide for themselves the use of their property after their death. Because that must be done properly from a legal standpoint, CLTB will help you in responding to all your questions without commitment and with discretion. 

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