Community Land Trust Brussels, more than just housing: support our actions!

Community Land Trust Brussels needs you!

Community Land Trust Brussels is lancing a campaign from the end of the year until December 22 and is calling for support. We need you!

Their names are Sanaa, Aissa, Fatoumata and Mamadou. Some had housing that was too expensive, too small for their families or far from their jobs. For these people, living in affordable, quality housing and building a project with others is a form of independence. This is why Community Land Trust Brussels exists. 


Living in CLTB housing is not just finding somewhere to live. It’s ensuring stability for yourself, your children and future generations. It’s also building a project together, participating in the life of the neighbourhood and supporting the construction of an inclusive and resilient city. 


Community Land Trust Brussels has been proposing for close to 10 years a solution to the housing crisis. Today, Community Land Trust Brussels has 104 inhabited houses and is working to build a strong community.

It is time to build a city together. It is time to make affordable housing a reality for all. Support our actions.

3 reasons to make a donation

  1. You are supporting an innovative and sustainable solution to the housing crisis
  2. You are supporting the construction of affordable housing for the most vulnerable : people with reduced mobility, unhoused people, seniors and all low-income people
  3. You are supporting projects close to you, where you can concretely see the results

All donors are invited to our inaugurations and to a guided tour of Community Land Trust Brussels projects!

All contributions have a great value in our eyes!

Each donation – small or big, one-time or recurring – allows Community Land Trust Brussels to grow and to build more permanently affordable housing for low-income people.

With 10€

Thank you! You are showing us your support and we are very touched.

With 40€ (net cost 22€)

Hooray! You are supporting us even more, and as a bonus, you are able to benefit from tax deductibility.

With 250€ (net cost 150€) and more

Wow! You are making a concrete contribution to the building and can benefit from tax deductibility.

Would you like to make a monthly donation?

Thank you for your engagement! Regular contributions allow us to make long term changes.

You can make the donation through our online form. 

From an annual 40€ paid to the Fonds des Amis du CLTB de la Fondation Roi Baudouin, your donations are tax deductible up to 45% of the amount of the donation, up to a limit of 10% of your tax. For example, a donation of 40€ will return as 22€ after tax deduction!

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