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The Transvaal project includes 15 apartments and a space reserved for the community association FEFA, a non-profit organisation that aims to promote the social integration and development of youth through sports. This is an important asset of the project and for the association itself who will benefit directly from the football field.

Even before CLTB was created, our partners from Samenlevingsopbouw informed us of the existence of a plot of land with potential for a community housing project. It was an undeveloped site belonging to the Municipality of Anderlecht on Rue du Transvaal in Cureghem. The site is defined by Le Bocage nursery’s blind building façades and the football field. The site was included in the Canal-Midi neighbourhood contract. The on-site soil remediation was taken over by the municipality at the end of 2015.

The CLTB project aims to be integrated into the overall vision for the planned redevelopment in the Canal-Midi neighbourhood contract, which includes the renovation of Le Bocage nursery, the sports infrastructure, and the greenway.

Rue du Transvaal, 32 – 1070 Anderlecht

Building Programme: 

  • 15 apartment with 1 to 4 bedrooms, including 1 accomodating reduced mobility
  • Multi-purpose space (shared with an association)

Client: CLTB

Architect: PTArchitecten BVBA,

Competition co-organised with the Brussels City Architect. Other selected offices: Atelier d’Architecture Alain Richard – AA-AR sprl, Czvek Rigby adf/saspj, Low Architecten bvba, Vers.A sprl

Contractor: tbd

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