Photo : Sophie Ghyselen (CLTB)

Considering the difficulty for elderly people to have access to decent housing and believing in the importance of being able to living at home health permitting, for several years, CLTB and non-profit organisation EVA have studied the possibility of undertaking a project dedicated to this particular demographic.

This intergenerational project, located in Rue Liedts in Schaerbeek, will include 4 apartments for seniors and 2 studios for students. It will be built above a day-centre for seniors (“Lokaal Dienstencentrum”) and the offices of non-profit organisation Aksent.

Each of the senior homes will be wheelchair accessible and adapted to allow them to age in comfort.

The construction of the Liedts project is divided into two phases:

  • The shell of the complex, as well as the renovation of the day-centre and Aksent offices on the first and second floors, and in the rear building were completed at the end of November 2016
  • The 6 flats and the street façade are awaiting the start of renovation

Rue Liedts 27-29 1030 Schaerbeek

Building programme: 

  • 4 apartments for seniors
  • 2 studios for students
  • Senior day-centre
  • Accent ASBL office

Client: Aksent (shell) – rest tbd

Architect: Plan A (shell) –rest tbd

Contractor: PIT (shell) – rest tbd

Photo : Sophie Ghyselen (CLTB)

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